Small Business Marketing Plan – We Create Winning Strategies

Financial Analysis


We Consider the Big Picture 


A great website and a flashy brand are important in today’s e-commerce world. However, if the content of your web page conveys the wrong message, or your product is positioned with the wrong target market, then more website traffic won’t improve your sales picture.


A successful business marketing plan is about synergies. The ability to incorporate all the different aspects of your business into a meaningful value proposition for your customer.  Understanding your customer’s needs. How your products stack up against the competition and the overall image your business reflects are all critical components to a successful marketing and business strategy.



Marketing StrategyBuilding Your Cohesive Plan – Marketing Strategies

Design and implementation of marketing and go-to-market strategies.  New or existing product development.  Value proposition and branding. Existing marketing plan assessment and recommendations.  Integration of service and delivery operations within the defined strategy.


orangeanalysisAssessing Your Business Environment – Market Analysis

Target market research and competitive analysis.  Product or service positioning.  Business and product financial modeling.  ROI evaluation and analysis.


Sales ManagementOptimizing Your Sales Channels – Sales Enablement

Marketing and sales channel alignment and execution strategies. Sales training and development.


Marketing Information Systems

Leveraging Technology

CRM evaluation and implementation (SalesForce).  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Google Business, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp Search. AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn Advertising.



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