OutSide-IN Marketing Review and Competitive Analysis

OutSide-IN Marketing Review and Competitive Analysis


IMS OutSide-In Marketing Review

A View, A Perspective, An Observation, A Competitive Analysis Of Your Businesses Image.



What is an OutSide-IN Marketing Review?

It’s an objective review of your business’s brand and marketing from the outside looking in – as a customer would see it.  A method to help guide you in your business and marketing decisions.  Is what you’re projecting really how your customers see you?


How Does it Work?

We will review your external branding, product and communications mediums from a customers perspective, such as:

  • Your web page, content, layout, and flow.
  • Google Business, Facebook and Bing local pages.
  • Brand utilization and communications.
  • Copy – Value Proposition
  • Keyword searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Competitive Analysis of top 2 competitors and their messaging.
  • Signage, brochures, flyers.






What Will We Provide?

A one to two-page report and follow-up call on our findings, with results and recommendations on how you can improve your overall marketing and image with your customers.


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